Climate Control

Climate Control
Due to the weight of some of our products there will be an additional charge for shipping, $10.00 extra on those weighing between 15 and 25 lbs. and $20.00 extra for those weighing between 25 and 30 lbs. Thank you.
Propane Gas Regulator  Propane Gas Regulator $60.00
PS-1 Photo Switch Controller  PS-1 Photo Switch Controller  $99.95
12" Temperature/Humidity Gauge 12" Temperature/Humidity Gauge $24.95
24-CT-1 Cooling Thermostat 24-CT-1 Cooling Thermostat   $229.95
6" Air King Clip on Fan6" Air King Clip on Fan$34.95
6" Clip On Fan6" Clip On Fan$19.95
Active Air - FlangesActive Air - Flanges$6.95
Active Air Backdraft DampersActive Air Backdraft Dampers$17.95
Active Air Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/HygrometerActive Air Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer w/Hygrometer$19.95
Active Air Replacement Pre-FilterActive Air Replacement Pre-Filter$4.95
ActiveAir Hygro-Thermometer ActiveAir Hygro-Thermometer   $21.95
ActiveAqua Chiller, refrigeration unit ActiveAqua Chiller, refrigeration unit $379.95