Tempstat Thermostat 3 Degrees. Heating & Cooling

GATEMPHC3- temperature controls-heat/cool with 3 degree (F) differential.

For over 20 years, Green Air Products has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products designed for hydroponic systems, indoor hobby gardens, and small commercial greenhouse growers. Green Air Products is the most recognized name in the hobby gardening equipment business, setting the standard with their UL-listed atmospheric controllers, timers and CO2 enrichment systems. Continuous research and development guarantees safety, quality and performance benefits utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

The Temp H/C Temperature Controller is our most recent development in temperature control. It is switchable between heat and cool. Designed specifically for the control of plant growth and related environments. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other application requiring automatic switching of heating or cooling equipment. The black anodized aluminum enclosure is durable and attractive and will never corrode or discolor from hot, cold or humid environments. Has a 32 inch remote bulb sensor. Comes with a 3º differential. This control operates AC, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, heaters or other temperature equipment by activating switches, motors, valves or pumps. Temperature range 40º to 110º F (5º to 45º C)

The combination plug/receptacle power cord receives power when the atmospheric temperature varies from your preset level. The sensor allows a 3º comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions. Simply plug the Temp H/C into a standard 120 volt outlet and plug your equipment into the combination outlet on the backside of the power plug. Set the dial to your setpoint and when that level is reached the control will either heat or cool depending on your mode switch to adjust temperature 3º and shut off. 15 amp maximum.

Price: $299.95