CT-DH-3P Controller w/4 Outlets - (Light Activated Photo Sensor)

The CT-DH-3P is installed for cooling and dehumidifying control (operates on 120 Volt AC with 15 Amp maximum switching capacity and is intended for indoor use only. This unit may be used independently or with many other Green Air Products controls to create an integrated system. When the temperature or humidity raise above the predetermined setting, the CT-DH-3P initiates a venting cycle and CO2 generation is momentarily halted. The Cyclestat is used to time the frequency and duration of the CO2 production. In the event of an exhaust cycle the Cyclestat will reset and immediately replenish CO2 enrichment upon completion of the exhaust function. The CT-DH-3P has a built in photo sensor that prevents CO2 operation during darkness periods. The CO2 generator or emitter system are plugged into the Cyclestat and the Cyclestat is plugged into the left outlets of the CT-DH-3P. The fan is plugged into the right side.

Price: $249.95