CT-HT-2 Controller w/4 Outlets

CT-HT-2 - Independent cooling and heating thermostats

This controller features fully independent sensors for cooling and heating equipment. The cooling thermostat activates the left outlet of the controller and the heating thermostat activates the right outlet. If you require a tighter control of your temperature than the internal heating \ cooling thermostats allow, alternate sensors are available with a 4 degree differential. Operates on 110VAC with 15 Amp switching capacity.

Plug controller power cord into 110V outlet. Plug cooling equipment into left side outlets. Plug heating equipment into right side outlets. Standard thermostats are accurate to 7. If your situation requires the temperature to be no cooler than 50 and no hotter than 70 you would set your heating thermostat to 50 and the cooling thermostat for 70 . Do not exceed power handling capacity of your wall outlet.

Price: $299.95