LT-8 (240v) Timer w/Relay & Temp Overrides

The LT8-240 provides eight 5 amp 240 volt outlet receptacles, each capable of powering up to 1000 watts of lighting equipment.

This unit also features a Latching Relay, which disengages the main contactor in the event of a power interruption. The reset button must be manually pushed to restart appliance. This is useful to minimize the effects of photo-period interruptions.

This unit also features a Temperature Override, an adjustable high temperature defeat circuit installed to discontinue equipment operation during periods when room temperature exceeds your maximum allowable level. Operation will resume as normal when temperature drops within acceptable limits. Use to keep lighting related heat from damaging sensitive crops.

These time switches are designed to operate high load lighting equipment, consisting of a premium quality precision synchronous clock motor and a high amperage switching circuit. All Green Air Products controllers are housed in black anodized brush finish aluminum enclosures which will not break, chip or corrode. Operates with a maximum combined outlet switching capacity of 40 amps. Plug or wire the power cord into a receptacle capable of handling the maximum total combined amperage draw of your equipment load.

Make certain that the receptacle, wiring and circuit breaker are adequate and properly suited for this application. Plug lighting equipment into outlets located on each side of controller. Turn clock dial to current time of day. AM and PM is indicated by colored ring on dial face. Push trippers toward the center of the dial for "On" time and leave in the outward position for "Off" period. Timer has 96 non-detachable 15 minute on\off trippers.
Weight: 9.6 lbs.

Price: $494.95