Sure to Grow Mat 8' x 4' x 0.5", 1 roll

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Recommended for long-term crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers and for direct seeding baby salad greens and herbs.

Special Features:
• A unique new product for hobby and commercial growers.
• Seedlings and cuttings can be started in STG Grow Cubes and Blocks and transplanted onto the surface of the Flood and Drain Mats or can be inserted into slits cut in the mat.
• Seeds and cuttings be started directly in STG Flood and Drain Mats.
• Provides maximum area for root mass development.
• Flood and Slabs can provide a rooting surface in flood and drain tables.
• Can be cut to size for different applications.

Crops: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Larger Ornamentals. Also suitable for production of “cut and come again” herbs and baby greens.

Hydroponic System Compatibility:
Flood and drain systems.

Price: $35.95