EVC-1 Environmental Controller

The EVC-1 provides extreme flexibility in a reliable solid-state environmental controller. Designed to maintain a specific temperature and humidity. The EVC-1 can also be set to either increase or decrease the humidity to a specific level. It can coordinate the use of supplemental CO2 with the temperature control function. 15A @ 120v. Selectable CO2, Temperature and Humidity modes allow the user to control temperature & humidity separately or together. Built in photocell activates CO2 device during the day. Night device outlet can control an exhaust fan / sulfur burner etc.

Sentinel has taken digital accuracy and combined it with ease of use. Its one-touch functions make using its products easy. Gone are complex sub menus that are confusing and time consuming to navigate. Many of its products will serve more than one function (such as heating or cooling control) making them extremely flexible and capable of being used in many situations. All Sentinel products were designed to maintain a very high degree of reliability while performing critical functions. In some cases Sentinel offers innovative designs that are so unique there really are no other products available for comparison.

Price: $199.95