Top Booster

Top Booster is an excellent flowering stimulator using potassium and phosphorus, similar to other PK 13/14 nutrients but with added Eddha-Fe (iron) for increased results. It creates an optical drought giving the plant the impression that the last phase of its life cycle has started. To ensure its survival, the plant will therefore devote all of it’s energy towards producing flowers and fruits to ensure reproduction. Four weeks before harvest, add Top Booster for three to four days and then return to the usual nutrient composition. The plant will continue to form fruits and flowers, but completely stop sending energy to the leaves. As this aspect of the final phase of the plant's cycle starts earlier, the fruits and flowers have more time to become larger. Do not use this product earlier than suggested due to the fact that the leaves will fall off too early if used improperly.

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SKU: HG1501