EC65 Waterproof Tester

The C65 is a microprocessor based Conductivity Tester with a rugged one-piece IP67 waterproof casing. Immersible up to the LCD! This instrument is a low cost and easy to use Meter with a replaceable electrode.

Some of the C64's features include:
Automatic Temperature Compensation
IP67 Waterproof Casing
Replaceable Electrode
Easy to Read LCD
Easy to Use
Range 0 - 1999 S/cm
Resolution-1 S/cm
Accuracy - 2% full scale
Calibration - Manual 1 point
Electrode - Replaceable MA73075 Temp.
Compensation - Automatic 0 - 50C
Battery Life - 250 hours of continuous use Battery Type 3 x 1.5V
Environment 0 - 50C / 100% RH

Price: $80.95